International Conference on OECD Studies

"Opportunities, Challenges and Good Practices in International Research Cooperation between Developed and Developing Countries"

Welcome to the OECD Studies Conference designed to contribute to foster Scientific Advances & Development.  Taking place on the 2-4 July2021 in Ankara, Turkey, OCS2021 aims to contribute to explore opportunities for
new or enhanced international co-operation in selected scientific areas; to define international
frameworks for national or regional science policy decisions; and to address the scientific dimensions of
issues of social concern. by bringing together leading scholars, academics, and researchers in the field to discuss and publish their valuable researches and recommendations that serve to solve problems in all walks of science. Developed on the principles of open exchange of information and cross-border learning, this conference is designed to facilitate heated discussions and provide inspiration to the network that’s shaping the direction of one of the most important fields of scientific development and to cover the gaps between developed and developing world. 



We invitey ou to join us in Ankara - a capital cityof Turkey.